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About Arizona Coast Performing Arts

34 Years Dedicated to Dance and Theatre Education

Arizona Coast Performing Arts was founded by

Grace Ann Etcheberria Jacobs 31 years ago, with a clear vision of bringing her 2o years of experience, dedication and passion for the art form of dance and theatre to this small, beautiful desert community of Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  In that 31 years of teaching, Grace has taught so many talented, hard working and enthusiastic performing arts students. Now she has passed the torch onto her life long friend and student of 31 years, Lauren Ashley Blain.  Lauren shares the same love, passion and respect for the art of teaching dance and theatre as Grace Ann has for so many years. Lauren studied with Grace Ann from the age of 5 to 15. She then went on to study at Idllywild Arts Academy where she graduated and continued on to Purchase College in New York where she studied with some of the top choreographers.  Together they believe the importance of a performing arts education in a child's life is much more than dancing, singing and acting.  A performing arts education creates valuable life skills and well rounded human beings who are self confidence, understanding, team players, creative problem solvers and quick thinkers with compassionate hearts and an appreciation for the arts.  We have witnessed the lasting impression Performing Arts has on a young child's heart and truly believe there is no greater magic than seeing the joy and freedom on their face when they realize their own passion and strength as performers.  We hope you see the growth in your child every time they leave Arizona Coast Performing Arts and will look back on their journey with pride and confidence that you gave your child a gift that they will appreciate for a lifetime.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Arizona Coast Performing Arts is to provide each student with quality dance education and performance skills in a positive atmosphere while building grace, strength, discipline, self-confidence and encouraging them to reach their goals in life, whatever they may be.  Our classes are based on hard work, dedication, determination,

personal growth and positive leadership. 



  1. To build a strong self-esteem and a sense of self worth in class and in the world.

  2. To create a strong foundation in dance technique by teaching proper vocabulary and body placement but not forgetting that dance is an expressive art form told through expression and emotion.

  3. To encourage an appreciation for the Performing Arts and long-lasting love for DANCE.

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At Arizona Coast Performing Arts we believe that ballet is the base for all dance forms.  We also know that being a well rounded dancer is so important in todays world of dance!  We offer classes in Classical Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre!  Also look for more information coming soon about our NEW Pre-school Fine Arts Club!

Pre Ballet and Tap Class

This class is a one hour combination class divided into a half hour of ballet and a half hour of tap, for ages 3-5.  In this class we use the elements of imagination, meaningful play and listening skills to teach the basics of ballet and tap.

Beginning 1-2 Ballet, Tap and Jazz

Our beginning level classes are a perfect fit for ages 5 and up.

These classes can be taken individually or separately.

These classes will introduce the basic technique, coordination and terminology as well as put the FUN in "FUN"damentals.

At ages 9 and up your student could also add a beginning Hip Hop Class or Musical Theatre class to their schedule.

Intermediate Classes

Our levels 3, 4 and 5 have many class options and are best for ages

9 and up. Ballet, Pre-Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Intermediate Contemporary and Intermediate Hip Hop all build Confidence, Performance Skills and Technique, with more emphasis on body control and strength building exercises, as well as learning choreography and more intricate spacial awareness concepts.  (In order to take our Contemporary classes, we ask that you also take a ballet class to make sure your core technique stays strong.)

Advanced Class

Level 6 is our most advanced level of classes.  Level 6 advanced classes are by invitation only and prospective students must be evaluated before being accepted in this level.  Ballet 6 meets for 2 mandatory, 90 minute classes a week.  Other advanced classes we offer are Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Hip Hop. We focus on Confidence, Performance Skills and Technique, with more emphasis on body alignment, flexibility and strength building exercises, all while learning intricate choreography and partner work.  (In order to take our Contemporary classes, we ask that you also take a ballet class to make sure your core technique stays strong.)  We expect our advance levels to act as leaders and ambassadors in and out of our studio.

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Spots are limited and filling up fast. 

The Fine Arts Club is a diverse, all-inclusive program for children ages 3-5 years. This fun and active curriculum allows children to develop social skills and talents at a young age.

Children will participate in kindergarten readiness skills, dance, yoga and fitness classes while enjoying music, art and drama. Students have five activities each day, filled with imagination and creativity. The goal of the program is to enhance each child’s overall development including gross and fine motor skills and improve social, cognitive, and emotional awareness.

  • Classes meet from 12:00-2:00pm

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Fine Arts Club begins on September 3rd, 2024

  • Parents may choose a 3-day discounted program at $260.00 per month

  • 2-day program at $200.00 per month

  • 1 day program $100 per month

  • Students must be potty trained.


To join the priority registration list 

and try a free trial class, 

Call/text Lauren at 928-208-2273

Or email

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